måndag 17 januari 2011


Today I've been in pain. Going to the gym yesterday was a near-death experience. Not actually walking through the doors, but doing the work out program  I was given. It wasn't painful to start with. I thought to my self during the first 60 seconds of walking on the tread mill, that I can do this.
It was the other 59 minutes that was the problem.

The layout of the meeting was good. First you have a little chat with the trainer who actually seems like a nice person. You go through what type of training you like. That was the easiest question. None for me. And after that a few other quite difficult questions, like; Do you get stressed easily. After a lot of thinking I said no. Johan thought I did. Without thinking.

Step two was the worrying part. All the measurements. Gladly none of them required taking any clothes off, apart from socks. I can live with that. It didn't look too good. Not the feet that is. The measurements.

Oh, but some things were ok. Like my blood pressure. It's funny how things like that can cheer you up.
- That's probably because you walk quite a lot, the nice girl said. And you know that they have to say something positive otherwise the client would get far too depressed, go home and eat chocolate. That's what I felt like doing anyway. But I stayed.

I stayed. Felt dizzy. And even signed up for Zumba classes tomorrow. Wish me good luck!

And you get a free padlock!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Åh, så roligt, det var säkert inte alls så illa. Detta måste vara det sista steget på vägen mot att vara helt "settled in", att man börjar blogga på engelska :) . Well done!

  2. Well, let see. It really depends on what mood I am in. Whether I will continue in english or sometimes go back to writing in swedish. Experimenting a bit...
    Jag tror nog att vi behöver mötas på en kopp kaffe i London. Eller varför inte i Guildford. Så vi kan prata igenom våra erfarenheter fram till nu. Dom verkar ju likna varandra från födelse i princip! :)

  3. Det låter trevligt! Låt oss återkomma till det inom kort och bestämma något.