fredag 14 januari 2011

After the first gym session

I'm glad I changed into my very new training gear when I went for my first information session. It was jolly exhausting! First I got all the information on the good opportunities on various classes that they had. I told them the truth. I wasn't interested. What I was interested in was loosing weight. So we shall have to find a way to work around the issue about the non interest.

Anyhow. After all that was sorted and we had gone through all  the classes and times, we went for a small tour. I can actually se my self on the treadmill with a tv screen in front. They even have Salsa classes. This might be my breakthrough!

Because I don't carry my bank account around with me I couldn't pay. Even if I had my card with me. So. Afraid that they might loose me as a customer one of the staff offered to use his. Then we could sort it out later in the day.

For some reason the machine that took all the details wouldn't work as it should, and we went trough the procedure three times x 20 minutes. After that I wasn't the only one sweating. So no actual training today... Maybe next week. I can hear in what direction this is going already.

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